Undertow Fan Art!
I love it; can you tell?

Saehral in the snow, by Kyrrakina!
A lovely Saehral by the lovely Enerjak.
Cowboy Teyn! Hahaha! This awesomeness is from NibbleKat.
Crystori drew Twaki! YAY!!!
From Dgirl!! I can't believe I hadn't uploaded this one yet, it's so CUTE!
Pariahsdream drew me a yummy Alandy in the PE lightning round *_*
Panatenshi drew Teyn for a PE round...the theme was Final Battle designs...and OMG I LOVE IT!! XD Teyn in TIGHTS!!!!
Dalmuln's half of an art trade. ::love:: PHWEE Anrui hardly ever gets fanart!! Probably because he hasn't been introduced yet! XD
Shavera painted Zephril! SO PRETTYYYY!
Laura gave me random gift art and it's LOVELY!!!! *_*
Shirtless Teyn from Tori! WoooOOoot! XD!
From D-girl! LOL! (Over years now I am collecting her fanart...bwahaha!!! ::luv::)
Maeghan did this piece in the P.E. Art Nouveau exchange...O_O Words can't express...
I have no idea who did this, but I found it on the MOB board one day. Rock on! XD
Mee-OW! Annie draws pretty mens!!! This is Alandy, another not-yet-seen Undertow character.
Kei, a.k.a Skulldog, drew this gorgeous pic of Zephril for a PE round!
Megs drew me this!!! *hugs*
O_O Eeek! Megs lost a bet to me and had to draw this and look how beautiful it turned out!!!!! This is Anrui, who will show up eventually, I swear.
A group shot by Brie! I especially love how Twaki and Mekkin look ^.^
From Annie! OMG Teyn fan art! (I couldn't resist making chibi Alandy the thumbnail...Teyn is overshadowed once again)
MOB entry!! Giant cookies to this artist for drawing Saehral's weapon XD
From Raps in a Private Exchange round =^_^=
Woot!! Brie did an art trade with me and drew realistic super-pretty Saehral!! *-* I'm so jealous.

Wonderful Christmas gift from Megs! So cuuute!! I have the original, too!
O_O BEAUTIFUL MOB-project wallpaper by Brie! Great coloring, facial expression, furry coat, everything!!! Thanks, Brie!!
Dolphingirl's MOB entry! ....WOW. Stippling! I wish I had this on a t-shirt. Whee, the weapon again!!
CUTE!! XD A collaboration gift from Brie and Megs! Gyah, must do thank-you art for them...
Shannon's MOB entry ^_^ This is so lovely and purple! (Saehral was the MOB character in winter!)

EARMUFFS!!!! Jessica's cute cute MOB entry ^_^
Tea-san's MOB entry (it won, congrats!!) Now that's some shibby cel-stylin'!! XD Awesome style. And of course, gotta love the chibi!
I need to look up the artist for this one...but isn't it gorgeous?! Beautiful style... that's damn cool treasure XD!!

Hahahah!!!!! Joyce's hilariously cute MOB entry...first the north pole...then...THE WORLD!
MOB sub from Lexia. ^_^ Whee, soft airbrushy goodness! XD She's blushing...

Gotta look up the artist of this too...but whee!! FIGHT TIME!!
Elf's MOB submission! Pretty CG!! Especially on the cloth ^_^ Mwahhaa, weapon again, booya! I think this is the only fan art where she's actually in the desert.
Hehehe!! Jana's MOB entry...it's SOOOO Saehral! XD But I'm not explaining anything until it comes out in the comic =^_^=
Alissa's MOB entry. There's something really lovely and elegant about it! ^_^
Dill's MOB sub!! I love the style in this; big lips and poofy hair, all the way!
MOB entry from Charlotte (I think...??) This also has wonderful style and nifty CGing! (Weapon, yo!!)
Whee, dancing gal Saehral! (and the devil at the bottom is darling XD)
Done in Painter by Brie! Cuteness!

Huge thank-yous to everyone who has done fan art for me!! It makes my day just to look at them!! ^_^
If I've missed your fan art, or you'd like to send it in, just email me at britt_undertow(AT)hotmail.com!