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Loved Comics
...I am emotionally invested in these.
Poultry Arisen!: My other comic!! D&D-based fantasy from someone who really doesn't know D&D. Starring hot men and...chickens.

Lint: Adventure... romance... vocabulary...and lots of elf mens. The perfect formula for the creation of instant fangirl.
Crimson Dark: An awesome 3D sci-fi! I love the story so far, really interesting plot, and hey--stuff blows up XD
The Awakened: Made of awesome. Mentally unstable boys and blue haired girls that like violence? I'm so there.
The Dreamland Chronicles: A comic coming to the web from print, rendered entirely in 3d...quite an impressive feat in itself, *and* a great read!
Fey Winds: Gorgeous fantasy *_* I've followed this one for a long time; the artist has started it over now, and I can't wait to see the new version ^_^
Inverloch: If you haven't read it yet, I don't know what rock you've been under! Lovely full-color art.
Gryphon Masters: My roommate's comic! Undertow characters and GM characters have Soul Calibur 3 tournaments together. XD Expect cameos. Live in fear of crossovers.
Sacred Pie: WORSHIP IT! It manages to be funny, spoofy, and have a decidedly interesting plot all in one. Plus...I have a cameo in it. ROCK! XD
Vampirates!: C'mon, the title should sell you by itself. If not, let me add: ferries, hotties, and CANADA.
Sundowner: The very first online comic I ever read. It cracks me up to this day. "Eek! You're Piss Laroid!!!" Fun sci-fi, great characters, hiiii-larious.
As If! (Completed): A wonderfully addictive comic about life in the 80's. I usually like fantasy best, but this is a must-read!